Seamless Integration Between vSAN and VxRail

It’s been a while since my last post, mostly due to lack of time.

I have joined recently the VxRail R&D team, from DELL EMC as part of the CPSD Division.

For this reason I have been learning VxRail while keeping up my vSAN Skills. One of the very first testing I have performed on a VxRail Gen1 (Phoenix Servers) was to test the blinking LED Feature from the vSAN Disk Management Tab.

This feature is particularly handy for anyone that needs to replace and locate a disk in a vSAN or VxRail Cluster.

I must say I was impressed with the convergence of both products (vSAN and VxRail Manager) to the point that this simple test worked perfectly.

So let’s see how is this done !


  • Blink the LED from the vSAN Disk Management Tab from vCenter




  • Login to the VxRail Manager and go to the Physical View Tab




This simple feature really shows how vSAN and VxRail Manager are so well integrated !

I hope to come with more posts in the feature !